The Tea Leaf

The Tea Leaf comes from the Camellia Sinensis, or the Tea Plant, and was first brought to Summerville in the late 1700s. By 1888, the Pinehurst Tea Plantation became the first successful commercial tea farm in the USA. Many years later the original Summerville Tea Plants were moved to Wadmalaw Island where they are now owned and operated by the Charleston Tea Plantation.

Through a partnership with the Charleston Tea Plantation, we obtained several unprocessed tea leaves. We picked our favorite (yes our favorite tea leaf — harder than you think), and digitized it through a cutting edge process that preserved every bump and ridge of our tea leaf. Then threw the image in CAD, added the stem as the bail andddd….voilá!

This is piece is an authentic replication of one Tea Leaf from the Charleston Tea Plantation’s 2019 Spring Crop which was derived from our original Summerville Tea Plants!

These pieces are available in Brass and Sterling Silver. Each piece was made in the USA from recycled metals and like all HJ Originals, blessed by a Proper Southern Lady!

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