Sherlock Holmes

We now house our very own Sherlock Holmes Synthetic Diamond Detector. The Sherlock Holmes detector was made specifically to detect CVD and HPHT synthetic diamonds in a matter of seconds!ย 

Lab Grown Diamonds are a relatively new phenomenon. They are made using CVD and/or HPHT technology. Contrary to popular belief, Lab Grown Diamonds are not “perfect.” In fact they can be made to show the full range of diamond color (D-Z) including fancy colors! Their clarity can also varry from flawless to I. The scary part for us is that these lab grown diamonds are so similar to natural diamonds, that they are undetectable to the naked eye AND under a microscope. Previously the only way to know if you had a Lab Grown or Natural Diamond was if it was sourced responsibly. While each of our vendors have been using this machine to guarantee our products are natural, we have not had the ability to help YOU, our clients, know without a doubt the origin of your diamonds. That has all changed with arrival of Sherlock!

So how can you get a Sherlock Holmes Synthetic Diamond Detector test done on your personal jewelry? One of 3 ways:

  1. Any Repair on Diamond Jewelry done here at Hanebrink Jewelers will be tested by Sherlock.
  2. Any Written Appraisal by Fran Hanebrink will be tested by Sherlock.
  3. We will test your diamonds and provide you with a written interpretation of your results via email for $10!

Read more about the event that convinced us it was time to invest in this technology by clicking the link below!ย