The importance of gemstones has never faded. Every year we see a change in which gemstone is more popular than the rest, based on the fashion and design industry. What does 2020 hold for gemstones, and why have they always been so important? 
Individuality makes each of our custom and hand made pieces so special. It’s what makes us unique and what allows us to provide our customers with pieces that they will cherish forever. Ms. Monroe was right, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But, we will challenge her and the composers of that wonderful song, that gemstones deserve to be sung about just as much. From rubies to turquoise, these precious jewels have become the centerpiece in the jewelry world. The diamond will always be a classic staple, but according to the International Colored Gemstone Association, it is becoming more common for gemstones to appear in the settings of engagement rings, watches, pendants, and earrings. As you’ve seen in our shop or on our social media pages, these gemstones have appeared in our custom designs and in what greets you when you walk through our doors. With this popularity and rising trend of these unique stones, we wanted to talk a little bit about their importance and discuss the most popular gemstones of 2020!
According to the ICA, gemstones have been special, revered, coveted, and precious since the dawning of time. Just like their diamond counterpart, gemstones are rare, strong, and precious. These traits have made them deeply sought after and have given them their value. Some are thought to have harnessed energies and powers, have healing qualities, or mystical connections. In history, they have been used as signs of power, devotion, wealth, currency, symbols of faith, and classic beauty. We always believe that gemstones help tell a story and we love creating with them. Gemstones, as popular as they have become, found their beginning popularity in the United States when birthstones became all the rage. Wearing your birthstone was cited to bring joy and prosperity into the life of the wearer. Today, of course, they are worn because of their beauty in the eye of the beholder.
Each gemstone’s value and rank are based on how readily available they are. There are three different categories of gemstones, and they are separated by their purity and how common they are to find. The most common are organic stones, which include pearls and amber. Then there are semiprecious stones that include jade and opals. Finally, there are precious stones which are your sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.
With that knowledge, what gemstones are seeing the most popular in 2020? According to Pantone, the leader in color throughout the creative design industry, blue and the colors of the see were announced to be the “it” colors of 2020. Jewelers, designers, and artists took that decision and followed in stride. The fashion and design industry is always changing, and our jewels and pieces often follow those trends. these colors, with us being located so close to the ocean, are a perfect inspiration of the Lowcountry. We had no issues or arguments against this decision. What gemstones fit into this 2020 trend? They are gemstones like:
  • Opal
  • Aquamarine
  • Azurite
  • Garnet
  • Tanzanite
We are seeing these beautiful stones in engagement rings, in our tungsten wedding bands, custom rings, and in statement pieces. The Heart Of The Ocean would fit in just fine with this year’s popular gemstones! We mentioned the popularity of birthstones bringing gemstones into the forefront of popularity. Four months out of the year are designated to these beautiful blue stones!
  • March. March is the first runner up in this beautiful trend, with aquamarine as its gemstone. It is, like a diamond, found in a flawless state. They are mainly found in Brazil, but can also be found in Nigeria, Afganistan, and just a few other places around the world.
  • June. Although June is popular for bosting the pearl as its gemstone, it is also known for Alexandrite. This unique gemstone was named for Czar Alexander II and was discovered in 1839, making it a relatively new gemstone. It is one of the hardest gemstones, and it is found primarily in Sri Lanka.
  • September. We wouldn’t forget this month! September is known for the sapphire, one of the most famous blue gemstones. They can be found in multiple different shades, including a deep red, close to that of a ruby.
  • December. This is by far, the bluest month of them all. Turquoise, Zircon, and Tanzanite are all considered to be December’s birthstones, and each comes in varying shades of blue. Tanzanite is known for being even rarer than diamonds, as it is only found in one place in the whole world, Tanzania. It was discovered in the 60s and the Tiffany Company is touted for making it popular.
What do you think of this year’s popular gemstone color? Doesn’t it fit perfectly with the Lowcountry? We can’t wait to help you design your next custom piece and to see you in the shop for all of your jewelry and gifting needs. Each gemstone and the precious metal we work with are just as unique as you. We strive to make sure to care for both! Until next time, dear Summerville, stay safe and be well! Make sure to always find the beauty in your day.